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Q: What is cDemo?

A: cDemo is the flagship company behind the development of the mobile apps Mobile Inspector and Mi Video. We are a mobile data collection platform which strives to bring easy professional data, photo and video collection to the every day user. We are mobile data collection!

Q: What is Mobile Inspector?

A: Mobile Inspector is an app that allows you to collect data, photo and video from a mobile device. The app is currently available for Apple iOS devices through the Apple App Store and on Android devices in the Google Play store

Q: Why would I use Mobile Inspector?

A: When it comes to data collection, Mobile Inspector replaces what traditionally would require specialized skill sets and many hours of tedious work with the touch of a screen and a few minutes of your time.  Simply put, cDemo’s host of applications allow you to decide when your data is collected, how often and how much. cDemo apps are always with you wherever you go on your mobile device, so you have maximum control over your data at all times.

Q: I’m not great with tech, will I be able to use Mobile Inspector to its full advantage?

A: Absolutely. Mobile Inspector guides the user through a virtual walk around of your product using simple on-screen instructions. Once you’re introduced to the apps features, you’ll be able to use a detailed, pre-defined and customized process resulting in quality, consistent data collection regardless of your experience.

Q: Ok, so what happens after I have collected some information?

A: Directly from Mobile Inspector, data, photos and videos are uploaded to cDemo’s online Dashboard from your mobile device while videos are sent to your YouTube account. From there, your business is in control of its own data, where it is sent, who sees it and what it is used for!

Q: What is the cDemo Dashboard?

A: The Dashboard is cDemo’s web-based user management system. This is where users go to access and manage their inventory data after you’ve collected it through the Mobile Inspector application.

Q: How many photos should I take?

A: If you are taking photos to merchandise your inventory, more is always better.  When it comes to vehicles, 30+ photos are ideal. At the end of the day quality is more important than quantity, so try to avoid redundancy and make sure each photo highlights a feature. It’s also good practice to take photos showing that your equipment is functional.

Q: How long should the video I shoot be?

A: Your videos should be as long as they need to be. A good video could be two minutes long or it could be twelve minutes long, what’s important is to take time to accurately describe the most important details of your subject. cDemo apps make creating videos a breeze since they may be split into multiple segments throughout the collection process, so you don’t have to worry about getting a perfect take.

Q: How do I upload videos to YouTube?

A: Uploading videos to YouTube is easy with Mobile Inspector.  Once you’ve captured your video and are happy with the edits you’ve made, simply tap the upload icon. Enter your YouTube username and password when prompted and hit ‘submit’.

Q: Can I setup multiple export tasks to send my information and/or images to as many sites as I want?

A: Yes, you can setup as many export tasks as you like. cDemo enables you to capture data for your product once and then generate and distribute your data to as many places as you like for as long as you like!

Q: Can I manage multiple stores or a national chain of stores with the cDemo platform?

A: Yes, with a Corporate Account you are able to manage multiple stores, users and permission levels. This way you can build an architecture customized to support your business’ needs.

Q: I have questions and I want to know more!

A: Our support team is always more than happy to give you a web demo and answer all of your questions. Simply use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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