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The cDemo Enterprise Mobile Application Platform enables any business or organization to easily configure smartphone and tablet based applications which ensure mobile teams may consistently capture accurate textual, image, video and/or  voice data. By allowing Users to define their own needs, cDemo Apps optimize and facilitate the workflows involved in collecting and organizing information using devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

Flexibility and versatility are key attributes which have been engineered into the Platform’s core functionality. Processes and process life-cycles have multiple touch-points where data must be captured, managed or distributed at various points-in-time. These touch-points are the nodes which allow the User to customize their workflow by facilitating 2-stage captures, amending records or starting a new record from a previously completed one. This type of flexibility enables Users to establish a mobile data collection processes that track product and service life-cycles in an efficient and versatile way.

Today’s online marketplace demands transparency and consistency when communicating and collaborating. The cDemo Technology Platform allows organizations to ensure their teams are collecting, managing and distributing data in a form that meets and exceeds online marketplace expectations.

Examples of cDemo Applications and their uses:

Mobile Inspector App (Platform) – Automobile dealers across North America use this technology to implement a process that ensures their teams can consistently capture accurate vehicle descriptions, photos and video virtual walk-arounds. Dealers that utilize this technology have a key competitive advantage in a marketplace where transparency and speed to market are responsible for driving online sales.

myMobileListing App (Platform) – Manheim Auto Auctions has built on-top of the cDemo platform to deploy a nation wide mobile vehicle assessment and listing application. This application enables their dealer network to self inspect their vehicles from a mobile device and instantly list that vehicle to one of their online marketing channels. The platform enables Manheim to control the users’ workflow by guiding them through the data collection process using a standardized methodology.

Mi Video App – Video walk-arounds of vehicles are becoming a valuable media for dealers and the marketplace to easily share rich content and detailed information. This app enables dealers to empower their staff with a mobile technology to easily generate walk-around videos and instantly share them by uploading directly to their YouTube channel. The impact of video in undeniable as individual dealers that utilize this technology have cultivated in excess of 500,000 customer views on their YouTube channels.

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