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The cDemo Enterprise Mobile Application Platform enables consumers to easily configure smartphone and tablet based applications which make the capturing of accurate textual, image, video and voice data, simple and easy for anyone. Users can use predefined workflows to get going, and eventually configure their own workflow driven applications capable of operating from most devices using iOS and Android operating systems.

The Platform gives users control both how they capture data in a mobile environment and how they manage and distribute their data from their mobile device or online (browser-based) dashboard once complete.

Today’s online marketplace is all about transparency and consistency when communicating and collaborating. The cDemo Technology Platform enables Users to easily integrate their content to the web using a standardized methodology

Examples of cDemo Applications and their uses:

Mobile Inspector App (Platform) – Consumers utilize this free application to easily capture all of the features, options, equipment, condition, photos and video of their vehicles. The App instantly creates a Virtual Brochure to enable the user to link their rich content into a vehicle listing or email it to a dealer to facilitate an online trade-in. One no longer needs to drive around the city to trade-in a car, it can all be done from a mobile device.

Mi Stuff – Releasing in April of 2013, Mi Stuff will enable the marketplace to utilize their mobile device to easily collect, manage and distribute data about anything (ie: Mi House, Mi Safety Inspection, Mi Census, Mi Assessment, etc…). Users will be able to define their data collection process, deploy it as a mobile app, instantly manage their data online and automate the publishing and distribution. No more pen and paper or rekeying of data! The User will be able to capture accurate, complete data via a mobile device and the job is done.


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