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has designed and deployed multiple smartphone and tablet applications that allow users to facilitate the collection of data, photos and video for any asset or procedure. With its step by step on-screen instructions, anyone regardless of knowledge or experience may effectively use Mobile Inspector, Mi Video and Manheim’s myMobileListing to full advantage. Professionally documenting your products and processes has never been easier.

So how does it work? cDemo Apps are developed to ensure a consistent standard of professional results on every collection. For completion and submission of a record, users must complete a straightforward defined data, photo and video process. Once complete, the collection is simply uploaded to the cDemo Dashboard where automated distribution of the data to other systems can be configured. ie. Mobile Inspector gives a dealership total control over your inventory, eliminating the need for third party collection solutions.

Download the free app to your smart phone or tablet and you are able to collect data, photos and video from any where at any time. cDemo Mobile Inspector is truly your mobile app. “We are Mobile Collection”.

Eliminating Data Inaccuracy and Errors

Mobile Inspector will allow you to bypass the need for back-end processing or re-keying of data to internal or third party systems thus eliminating errors, ensuring consistency and best of all – freeing up your valuable time. This enables users to spend more time on the collection process resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Distribution to other systems can be automated from the cDemo Dashboard. As soon as data is recorded from Mobile Inspector it can be distributed to your website, third party listing sites, or any other place you desire. Sky is the limit!


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