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Staying true to our core values, we believe that mobile does not necessarily refer directly to a smartphone or device, rather “MOBILE” defines a user and the situation they are currently in.

We see all apps on the market as the doorway to a user’s world.  Hopefully the following apps will help your world become a little be easier.  Digitizing information does not have to be constrained to sitting behind a desk and keying in data, information instead may be collected at the source with the advantage of having context in mind.


Mobile Inspector

Mobile Inspector makes online Automobile merchandising… Simple and Easy for Everyone!  Dealerships, Auctions, Consumers and automobile enthusiasts included.

Regardless of experience or age, now anyone can quickly and easily follow step-by-step instructions to professionally document, photograph and shoot video for their vehicle. Dynamic Virtual Vehicle Brochures (VVB’s) are instantly generated and immediately available for distribution to your Facebook and YouTube accounts. You can also email the Virtual Vehicle Brochure to a friend, dealer or link the VVB-URL to your online classified ad, turning a basic classified ad into rich content listing.

Mobile Inspector will also display your vehicle in your very own online vehicle showroom. The website address for your showroom can be accessed from your dashboard at

Every car has a story…Mobile Inspector helps you tell that story! If you’re thinking of selling or trading-in you’re car, the Mobile Inspector makes this process incredibly easy!

Available on Google Play – Download now!

Available on iOS via iTunes – Download now! 



Manheim MyMobileListing  

Every Car has a story. myMobileListing makes online Automobile Remarketing and Listing Simple and Easy for Everyone! myMobileListing is a mobile application that lets sellers list vehicles in the Manheim marketplace and disclose vehicle condition Information all with the convenience of their mobile device. This exciting new application is free to download for all dealers and free to use. The application also features automatic grading logic that applies a number grade to the vehicle based on the information the seller inputs.

Available on Google Play – Download now!

Available on iOS via iTunes – Download now! 



Mi Video – Mi Video is by far the best one-stop solution to capture, edit and upload your videos to the internet. Anyone regardless of age or experience can effectively use Mi Video to capture and create professionally edited video. The on-screen instructions make Mi Video a breeze to use following three basic steps:

Step 1: Shoot the Video Points
Step 2: Stitch the Video Points together to create a full length video
Step 3: Upload to YouTube

Mi Video pushes the boundaries of video capturing, and was voted the Most Innovative Solution by at the 2012 Driving Sales Executive Summit.

Features include:

  • VIN Scan for North American Vehicles
  • Video editing functionality
  • Preview function allows you to watch your edited video before you save or upload it
  • Built in YouTube uploading tool

Available on iOS via iTunes – Download now! 



Mi Stuff –  Releasing in March of 2013.  The app that makes collecting data, photos and video for everything possible.  There really are endless possibilities to this app.

Available soon on Google Play and iTunes.



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