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Mi Video is by far the best one-stop solution to capture, edit and upload your videos to the internet. Anyone regardless of age or experience can effectively use Mi Video to capture and create professionally edited video. The on-screen instructions make Mi Video a breeze to use following three basic steps:

Step 1 – Shoot the video

Step 2 – Edit the video within the app

Step 3 – Upload to YouTube or save the video to your camera roll

Mi Video pushes the boundaries of video capturing, and was voted the Most Innovative Solution by at the 2012 Driving Sales Executive Summit.

Features include:

–         VIN Scan for North American Vehicles

–         Video editing functionality

–         Previre function allows you to watch your edited video before you save or upload it

–         Built in YouTube uploading tool

The App is completely FREE and gives you access to the cDemo Dashboard when you activate your account.

We welcome your feedback, and our support team is available daily to help you with all your questions!

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