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What is Data Management?

Data management is simply defined as having the ability to to define, configure and control your data. cDemo Mobile Solutions gives you the ability to manage your data from one central and convenient location. You have real time access to all the data you have collected from anywhere at anytime.

If you are currently using a third party solution to handle your data, ask yourself these questions:

Data Management


  • Do you know where your data is?
  • Do you have access to your data in real time?
  • Can you audit, edit and update your data right now?


cDemo Mobile Solutions gives you control over you own information by providing you with an intuitively designed online Dashboard. You are able to easily edit, update and audit your data as you please. Best of all, you are able to do it in seconds, rather than days, weeks or months. Changes you make are effective immediately, allowing you to instantly update your entire staff, website and client base in one stroke.

Traditionally, businesses would hire dedicated companies to manage their information, we see this model as a thing of the past as it is no longer necessary. With cDemo’s Mobile Inspector, there is no reason that you can’t manage your own inventory and invest your hard earned capital in other locations.  Take control…after all, it’s your data!


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