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Best Practices

Data Management may become overwhelming at times. We have compiled a list of best practices from our experiences users in order to help you get started with good management habits.

  • For starters, set up a daily routine for yourself. Login to the cDemo Dashboard every morning and take a look at your available records. Make sure everything looks ok.
  • Pay attention to new records that came in overnight and get any editing that may need to be done over with right away. This will exponentially save you any stress down the road.
  • Review the previous day’s records to double check that everything is in good order. Are all photos present and of good quality? Did your videos successfully upload to YouTube? Were a sufficient number of records collected?
  • Once you have been collecting data for a few weeks you may set data collection benchmarks to ensure that your team is working efficiently.
  • Review your incoming/outgoing data feeds to ensure that your files are being processed successfully. The earlier you catch a problem, the easier it is to fix.
  • Monitor your team’s efficiency and pay attention to the quality of their collections, rather than only the quantity.
  • Quickly review your data at the end of the day once more to stay updated and check for any issues
  • Be sure to create a support ticket ASAP if you have any problems or questions. The support team is there to help and will be resolved in a timely manner.

Create support tickets from the cDemo Dashboard as they will reach the support team fastest.

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