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What is Distribution?

Once all your data has been transferred to the cDemo Platform, options open up on how and where you’d like it to go. Cdemo can import raw data from your data management system (‘DMS’), and format it to integrate with the Platform’s architecture to take full advantage of its features. This system makes it easy to add feeds to new locations or quickly add clients to existing channels, and the inherent Template Distribution ensures that the proper data is always sent where designated.

Who needs Distribution?

Given that the fundamental reason to gather information is so that it may be share and consumed, data distribution is key to making full use of your information. Anyone storing data within cDemo’s Platform inherits its unique distribution abilities.

How does it work?

At any given time, you have complete control over where your data goes. You have instant access to view what data has been sent and where, and you choose exactly which records you want to send. Wherever, whenever.

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