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How Many Photos?

Q: How many photos should each product have?

A: The answer to this question depends on what type of product you are selling. Typically, the more photos you have the better. For automobiles, we recommend 30+ photos for all used vehicles and 20+ on new vehicles. The more quality photos you have of your product, the easier it is for a shopper to make a purchase decision. cDemo Apps allow you to choose how many photos you want to take of your products.

For a quick example, observe the following 2 listings:


If you were a shopper looking at identical vehicles, which of the above listings would captivate your attention for a longer time, the one with 13 photos or the one with 37?

Also, using real images of your product is often far more appealing to a shopper than using stock images. For another example, observe the following 2 listings:



The second listing clearly brings the viewer closer to the real 2013 Kia Soul he/she might take home from a dealership.

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