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Return on Investment

One of the first questions we get from new clients or consumers we meet for the first time is – “Why would I use cDemo and what is the Return On Investment (ROI)?”. A question we are more than happy to answer.

The Internet has changed our lives in the way we communicate, the way we share pictures, they way we watch video and subsequently the way we transact. In our estimation, 90% of all transactions now start from some type of connection to the Internet. In the very near future we believe in the likelihood that 90% of all transactions will begin on a mobile device, putting all cDemo Applications right in the eye of the storm.

We expect you to question the ROI and feel it is important to evaluate any new product like ours. Investing in the right technology and the right people are the most important factors in today’s D.I.Y, B.Y.O.D and “bring in-house” environ-ment for accelerating any any business in its goals.

At cDemo we are clear on our stance on which marketing tactics will give you the best leads – leads that actually convert to sales. The key ingredient to an increase in leads that convert to sales is Merchandising. A heightened focus on the quality and an increased effort of collecting more details, more pictures and real video at a more efficient rate will create the net effect of a higher conversion rate on your online leads.

We have broken it down to these five simple measurements that will help you determine how you are doing in what we call an Inventory Health & Merchandising Scorecard.

Looking back at our experience and into why we built our Platform as a Service (MiPaaS) and all of our smartphone applications, we determined that being fast, being thorough and using real photos and videos are key to success. Focusing on these elements eases the rest to fall in between the lines, cDemo makes this process as simple as possible.

With out a doubt these key performance measurements take varying levels of time and effort, subsequently one cannot expect exceptional results with little or no effort. Far too often have we watched a car dealership expect their website to run itself, when really all they were missing was a solid “Inventory Health Plan”. If you spend the time here, invest in the right people and focus on educating both your online customers about your products and services, you have a great chance of converting boosting your conversion rate for online leeds.

The true ROI behind cDemo and our Apps is revealed when you see the benefits of increasing your speed to the online market and strengthening the quality of your online presentations. Consumers and other business within your reach will be drawn to your products online, and even more often as you build their trust through consistency.



Please feel free to watch this video for further explanation:

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