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cDemo Mobile SolutionsWhy Is Live Video Different From Stitched Photo Slideshows?

Why Is Live Video Different From Stitched Photo Slideshows?

Q: Why is live video different from “stitched” photo slideshows?

A: We have been told by the industry’s leading experts that video is one of the most important tools to have in your automotive marketing toolbox. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, one can deduce from this that people are generally hungry for videos! They are on the internet searching for information – why not give them what they want?

By using a real video to merchandise your products you are giving consumers what they are looking for. When a person decides they want to purchase an automobile, they want to know what it is that they are going to buy down to the finest details. If a dealer makes the decision to properly merchandise his inventory, a real video of the vehicle must be included.  The video allows you to tell the shopper everything about the vehicle in a quick and easy way. You may highlight the key features of a vehicle that are on the top of a shopper’s mind such as safety, fuel economy, technology and warranty.

Video also humanizes the shopping process. The best text description and still photos will not convey energy the same way a video does. Shoppers are more likely to take ownership of a vehicle they are watching a video on over one that offers only photos as it does a much better job of engaging the shopper. Producing a real video walk-around of sufficient quality of a vehicle is easy to do with cDemo Apps. The main thing to focus on when creating a video is the content. If the content matches up with what the shopper is looking for, they will watch it.

As an example, take a look at this video. It is 7:38 long, has over 62,000 views and was uploaded to YouTube ten months ago.  The video captures the audience’s attention because it gives them exactly what they are looking for.

Your salespeople perform walk-arounds for customers every day, why not film one so the world can see? We guarantee people will watch.

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