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cDemo uses many different terms when describing our systems and processes. Use this summary of cDemo terminology as a reference to help you understand what we’re talking about!

cDemo term

…similar to:




This refers to what is created in your Dashboard after data has been captured on an asset and submitted to cDemo. The data from a Record is used for multiple purposes (i.e. re-submission to 3rd Party sites). cDemo systems create “Records”, not “Inspections”.



Places are simply 3rd Party locations or systems that cDemo sends data to.



cDemo configures a client’s cDemo account as a 2-level structure with the “Company” being the top level umbrella organization in which there is at least one “Store”.



A cDemo Store is the portion of a cDemo client’s account where Records are actually created and submitted. At least one Store is needed within a Company, but unlimited Stores may be created.



Stuff refers to anything that may have its data captured by cDemo. Users with access to more than one category of Stuff on cDemo (i.e. Both “Cars and Vehicles” and “Real Estate”) are able to choose which category of Stuff to access and work with when logging on to the Dashboard or Mobile Inspector.

Mobile Inspector

cDemo’s primary mobile application which is used to capture data for all cDemo features and products.


Acronym for cDemo’s primary mobile app  Mobile Inspector. Mi is also part of the branding of many things – including other apps – that are part of cDemo (i.e. Mi Stuff, Mi Video, etc…).

Virtual Brochure (VB)

Electronic Condition Report, CR, Condition Report

A stand-alone, client branded web-page for each Record created in cDemo. VBs are configured as a report displaying information, pictures and video captured for a Record. VBs can to a degree be customized for each product and client. URLs for VBs can be emailed or exported in data feeds.

cDemo Dashboard

Web Console

The Dashboard is the web-based, password protected user section of the cDemo system. Here the user has full access to Records and other cDemo functions to complete the bulk of data management.

cDemo Website

Publicly accessible portion of cDemo at


Online Showroom

Spaces are where each Store’s Records are available on a searchable and stand-alone client-branded page. cDemo provides each Store with a “Public Space” (Retail) and “Private Space” (Wholesale) allowing display and access of Records to outside users if desired. Some cDemo clients use these Spaces as a plug-in inventory page on their own websites.

Data Capture

Inspection, Data Collection

The process involving using a cDemo application to capture and record data, pictures and video on an item. Submitting it to cDemo subsequently creates a Record for the data.


A web-based data capture process or app accessible from the cDemo Dashboard that allows a user to complete a data capture from a personal computer without using a mobile device.


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