We are Mobile Data Collection


Data is everywhere, and it influences every business decision you make on a daily basis. So how can we help? cDemo Mobile Solutions has committed over 10 years of research and development in every aspect of data; from the gathering of information, management, organization and subsequent distribution. Our mobile application Data Driver strives to make this process as easy and efficient as possible by facilitating the accurate collection of any type of information. Following the collection process Data Driver sends the data to the cDemo platform, which provides an array of tools to help you manage and distribute it catered to your specific needs. This process, as a whole, ensures overall accuracy and continuity of information, whatever it may be.



Why Mobile?


We believe that mobile does not describe a device, rather it defines a user and the situation they are currently in. Therefore, context is what really matters. Digitizing information does not have to be constrained to sitting behind a desk and keying in data, information instead may be collected at the source with the advantage of having context in mind.


We not only understand the weight of context, we also know that it continuously changes and varies between users. For this reason, we developed Mobile Inspector and the cDemo platform to be easily mutable to any context that is required by the user.


We understand that data in its quintessential form is everywhere, and strive to provide the best solution for it to be gathered and consumed wherever it may be.


cDemo Platform as a Service


The cDemo platform is data management and distribution at its core. We allow users to easily change and expand upon the information that is gathered during the collection process. We also understand that the fundamental reason to gather information is so that it can be shared and consumed. For this reason we have developed the technology to allow information to be free, and to be sent anywhere that you wish in a flexible multitude of forms.


The cDemo platform was built with these fundamental principles in mind:


The platform must be easy to build upon. The world of information is constantly in flux, and we designed the platform to evolve with its changes.


The platform must also be able to scale.Information has infinite forms and size, so we must be able to easily and quickly scale at anytime to any degree of magnitude.


The platform must always be available. If we are allowing information to be gathered anywhere at anytime, we must ensure that the platform is available to consume, change, and communicate at all times.