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Step By Step Guide

cDemo Dashboard How To’s

How to search for a record:

The Dashboard uses two main ways to search for content:

  • The Top Search Bar: type in a Stock Number, Make, Model
  • Trim Search Tools: type or select what you are looking for and click ‘Apply’

You can search anything from Mileage Range, Dealership, Record Type. You may also combine those search terms to create unique search results. If you do not know what you’re looking for, tap the ‘down’ key to reveal the search options.

How to save your search:

To save your search, follow these steps:

  • Select your search criteria
  • At the bottom left of the search drop down menu, click ‘Save Search’.
  • Name your saved search filter

How to write the vehicle description:

To write a vehicle description, follow these steps:

  • Find the vehicle you wish to add a description to
  • Click ‘Manage Record’ on the right hand side
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and write the vehicle description
  • When you have completed click ‘Save All Changes’

How to add or edit photos:

To add or edit photos, follow these steps:

  • Find the vehicle of you wish to add or replace photos
  • Click ‘Manage Record’ on the right hand side
  • Click the ‘Edit Photos’ tab
  • Click ‘Add or Replace Photo’
  • Find the photo you wish to replace

How to edit record answers:

To edit record answers, follow these steps:

  • Search for the vehicle for which you wish edit record answers
  • Click the ‘Manage Record’ link on the right hand side
  • Click the ‘Edit Answer’ tab on the Secondary Navigation Scroll to find the answer you wish to change
  • Click ‘Edit Answer’ on the left hand side
  • When you are done editing, click ‘Save’

How to Email Virtual Brochure:

To email a Virtual Brochure, follow these steps:

  • Find the vehicle profile(s) you’d like to email
  • Click the check box(es) to the left of the vehicle(s)
  • Click the ‘Email VB’ button directly above the check boxes
  • Type in the email address of the recipient (note, you can send the VB to multiple people by using a comma separating each address)
  • Click ‘Send Email’

How to List vehicles on Paid Ad sites:

Upload methods may vary between different classified ad websites. For this example we’ll use the popular Canadian website

  • Find the vehicle you wish to list
  • Click ‘Manage Record ‘on the right hand side
  • Click the ‘Kijiji’ tab
  • Add a unique, eye-catching title
  • Choose the city you wish to list
  • Click the Vehicle Options you wish to highlight and click ‘list on Kijiji’

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