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cDemo’s priority is to provide a clean, simple and overall positive customer experience! We recognize the rate at which the technology industry is evolving. cDemo embraces the future as a continually evolving system with new functions and features being developed and updated regularly. When facing issues using the Platform, cDemo clients can interact with the cDemo Support Department using one of the following three methods to submit a Support Ticket:

  • Send an email with as much detail as possible to:
  • When logged into the cDemo Dashboard, access the “Submit a Support Ticket” link available under the “Support” menu
  • When using one of the cDemo Mobile Apps, you may have the ability to submit support tickets and/or suggestions direct from the App (note: this function is not available from all cDemo applications, in this case please resort to one of the other convenient options).

Once a Support Ticket is received, cDemo Support Personnel will respond indicating receipt of the ticket and will work to provide feedback or get the issue resolved as soon as possible.


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